We believe we offer a first class educational experience in a welcoming and fun environment.  Here is what a few of our past students have said about us:


‘Attending The Irish Archaeology Field School at Ferrycarrig in the winter of 2018 was a blast!  Though it was very cold, the warmth we students received from our host families and the staff at the Heritage Park more than made up for it.  Drs. Denis Shine and Stephen Mandal were fantastic.  They are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and full of humor.  The local community was all abuzz about the dig and it was fun to talk with them about our discoveries.  Weekends off gave us a chance to explore other parts of Ireland and have a truly immersive, cultural experience. In all, my time at Ferrycarrig was incredibly rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone, archaeology major or not!’ Aaron, The Evergreen State College Seattle, USA (2018)

‘Having previously participated in a field school, it was a great experience to dig in a completely different country and time period.  I learned so much about planning, which is something I hadn’t done before, and the IAFS staff were so kind, easy-going, and helpful. Being able to participate in a dig in January worked perfectly for me and I am so glad IAFS offers a field school in the winter; so don’t let the weather scare you away!’ Alice, Oberlin College, USA, (2018)

‘This was an amazing experience, which allowed me to be emerged in the Irish culture and refine key skills used in the field of archaeology.  The team was well organized, well informed, passionate, and effortlessly made even digging in the dirt a good time!’ Max, Western Kentucky University, USA (2018)

‘The 4 week winter field school at Ferrycarrig was my first archaeological dig and I loved it.  The staff at the IAFS were wonderful and taught me lots about archaeology and Irish culture.  I hope to return soon.’ Chanel, Latrobe University, Australia (2018)

‘The IAFS field school at Ferrycarrig provides students with an amazing experience, immersing them in archaeology and Irish culture in an unforgettable period of learning.’ Alaina, Oberlin College, USA (2018)

‘Attending the 2017 winter IAFS program has so far been the most rewarding decision of my academic career. The staff were amazing teachers and went above and beyond to assist the students in any way possible. I learnt an extensive range of skills from surveying to post excavation cataloging and enjoyed every day on the dig. The 4 week program allowed me to really engage with the site and I returned home a far better archaeologist than when I left’. Grace, Flinders, Australia (2017)

‘Participating in the IAFS Summer season was a wonderful learning experience for myself both as a student and educator. The multi-faceted program offers a comprehensive understanding of Irish history, archaeology, and heritage that can only be gained through such an experience. The staff was not only extremely knowledgeable, but genuine in guiding students to academic and personal success. This program, and the people involved, have undoubtedly benefited me as a student, a professional, and most importantly, as a person.’ Amy, University of California Riverside, USA (2017)

‘Signing up for the IAFS program this summer was the best decision I could’ve made. I made lifelong friends from all over the world and learned so much! The staff are absolutely the best and are able to accommodate you based on your level of experience. I would do this again in a heartbeat. Do yourself and your career a favor and don’t hesitate, sign up now!’. Danna, College of Charleston, USA (2017)

‘The IAFS for the Summer season was my first field school experience. I received the best instruction, sources and support from the staff and supervisors while on the field. The patience and flexibility from the instructors when it came to having any doubts or questions clarified during lectures and field work definitely strengthened my confidence and knowledge in archaeology. Due to this experience, I confirmed that archaeology is certainly my field and aspire to finish my graduate studies in archaeology!’ Paulina, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico (2017)

‘Being a part of the IAFS team in Ireland was genuinely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my life.  All aspects of archaeology were covered by the instructors who were always extremely friendly and approachable.  No question would go unanswered and no query was too small.  They were always willing to help.  In four weeks I learned an amazing amount from both the instructors and the site itself, and in the process met some incredible people who I now consider life-long friends.’ Vanessa, Flinders University, Australia (2017)

‘Choosing to spend a few weeks working alongside college students from many different countries and members of the IAFS team was one of the best decisions I have made. I made friendships that could last a lifetime and gained such a rewarding and educational experience, an experience that you cannot get within the walls of a classroom’. Katee, Maynooth University, Ireland (2017)

‘As a student of anthropology and geography with no prior archaeological experience, I was delighted to gain even more during my time with the IAFS this summer than I could have anticipated. Participating in hands-on excavation techniques, post-excavation tasks, lectures, tours, journaling and research resulted in a varied experience that was enriching, educational and enjoyable. Instructors were skilled in communicating knowledge and expertise in accessible ways, and created a friendly, supportive environment where achieving exacting professional standards was expected and enabled. My two weeks seemed all too short’. Shirley, Maynooth University, Ireland (2017)

‘Attending the dig with IAFS this summer was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It was an amazing experience and I got the opportunity to learn about something I was interested in hands-on. The instructors were knowledgeable about the areas history and went out of their way to help the students. I absolutely loved every minute of it and I’m so glad that I was able to participate in a field school that made me a better person, student, and future archaeologist’. Gaile, Univerisity of Missouri, USA (2017)

‘Having taken part in a two week summer school in July 2017, I can honestly say I had a really great time and learnt so much. We were able to experience all aspects of archaeology, from excavations, to mapping and plotting, to post excavation and bone washing and documentation completion. The IAFS team were great fun, very informative and encouraging, and endlessly patient! I would recommend anyone to take part in this summer school if you are fortunate enough to get the chance – it truly is a once in a lifetime experience’. Sinead, Maynooth University, Ireland (2017)