Carrig 850 Summer Lecture Series

By June 11, 2019 January 4th, 2021 Carrig 850

Lectures are available on our YouTube channel here

DATE : June 6th (7.00-8.30pm)

VENUE : Wexford Library

Emmet Stafford – Stafford and McLoughlin Archaeology

‘Town and County – The Archaeology of Medieval Wexford’

This talk will explore the life and times of Wexford’s twelfth and thirteenth century population by examining the medieval sites and artefacts which are still scattered across our modern landscape. An examination of the settlement patterns, trade and religious practices of the time should give us an appreciation for the development of domestic and political life in Ireland in the early years following the arrival of the Anglo-Normans in 1169.

DATE : June 20th (7.00-8.30pm)

VENUE : Ferns Castle Visitor Centre

Dr Denis Shine – Irish Archaeology Field School

‘Carrick – Wexford’s Most Enigmatic Anglo-Norman Treasure’.

Built in 1169 AD by Robert Fitzstephen, Carrick was the first Anglo-Norman fortification in the country. The site developed as an important borough in the thirteenth century and was home to one of the first Marshal castles (and Anglo-Norman Deerparks) in the south-east. The historical importance of Carrick can be overstated, but it remains poorly understood in Wexford. This talk explores the history of Carrick as well as recent archaeological findings from the site.

DATE : July 4th (7.00-8.30pm)

VENUE : Tintern Abbey

Ian Doyle – Heritage Council

‘Before the Normans – The Archaeology of Early Medieval Wexford’

What kind of landscape did the Anglo-Normans meet when they first landed? This talk will look at the pre-Norman Wexford landscape and what we can learn from its archaeology. The pre-Norman church, settlement and economy will be looked including evidence from excavations in Carnsore, as well as new analyses of the ecclesiastical centres of Ferns and Taghmon. Our understanding of the Viking or Hiberno-Norse town of Wexford will also be examined.

DATE : July 18th (7.00-8.30pm)

VENUE : Wexford Library

Dr Michael Potterton – Maynooth University

‘Early Castles in Ireland’

When were the first castles built in Ireland? Where were they and what did they look like? Who built them? How and why? And where does County Wexford fit into all of this? So many questions; so little time! Michael Potterton will endeavour to shed some light on a range of aspects of ‘Early Castles in Ireland’ in this illustrated lecture.