Meet the Team


The Irish Archaeology Field School was founded in 2005 and is the archaeological division of the Irish Heritage School, led by founders and company directors Dr Stephen Mandal and Dr Denis Shine.

Our mission is to provide university students with a first class training in archaeological research and excavation, coupled with an engaging, welcoming and enriching cultural experience.

All of our programs are undertaken within an established research framework led by a team of highly qualified and experienced archaeologists. Our staff include full time academic, management and administration personnel, and our seasonal support staff including student interns.

Staff (click images for biographies)

Dr Stephen Mandal


Dr Denis Shine


Lauren Goodall-Byrne

Marketing & Communications

Richard Reid


Prof. John Feehan

ES/Landscape Archaeology

Dr Brendan O'Neill

Experimental Archaeology

Dr Linda Lynch

Bioarchaeology/Forensic Anthropology

Patrick Hickey

Stonework Projects

Research Partners

Carrick Committee

Dr Annamaria Diana

Bioarchaeology / Forensic Anthropology

Dan O'Meara