Research resources

The following is a non-exhaustive list of academic research resources for those interested in learning more about the project, programs and the region.

Mandatory Readings for students attending the field school

  • Museum of London 1990, Archaeological Site Manual, 2nd Ed., Museum of London, London [ISBN: 978-0904818406]
  • Green, K. and Moore, T. 2010, Archaeology, an Introduction, 5th Ed., Routledge, Oxford [ISBN: 978-0-415-49639-1] Chapter 3, Sections 3.3-3.5

Ferrycarrig Readings:

Barry, T. B. 1987. The Archaeology of Medieval Ireland. Routledge, London. Chapters 1-3.

Bennett, I. 1985. Preliminary Archaeological Excavations at Ferrycarrig Ringwork, Newtown Td., Co. Wexford. Journal of the Old Wexford Society, 10: 25-43.

Colfer, B. 2002. Arrogant Trespass: Anglo-Norman Wexford 1169-1400. Duffry Press, Wexford, Chapters 1-4.

Green, K. and Moore, T. 2010. Archaeology, an Introduction, 5th Ed. Routledge, Oxford. Chapter 3, Sections 3.3-3.5.

Ferrycarrig recommended readings:

Barry, T.B. 1983. ‘Anglo-Norman Ringwork Castles: some evidence’ in Reeves-Smyth, T, and Hammond, F. (eds.) Landscape Archaeology in Ireland: 295-314 Oxford, B.A.R. 116.

Bennett, I. 1989. The Crimean War memorial, Ferrycarrig, Co. Wexford – a precisely dated round tower. Archaeology Ireland 3 (2): 58-60.

Clyne, M. 2007. Kells Priory, Co. Kilkenny: Archaeological Excavations by T. Fanning and M. Clyne. Department of the Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht, Dublin.

Colfer, B. 2004. Wexford: A Town and its Landscape. Cork University Press, Cork.

Culleton, E. 1980. The South Wexford Landscape. Mount Salus Press, Dublin.

Doyle, I. and Browne, B (eds.) 2017. Medieval Wexford: Essays in memory of Billy Colfer. Four Courts Press, Dublin.

Duffy, S. 1997. Ireland in the Middle Ages. Gill and Macmillan, Dublin.

Hore, P.H. 1906. History of the Town and County of Wexford – The Town of Wexford with Notes of Taghmon and Harperstown. London

Jeffry, W.H. 1979. The castles of Co. Wexford. Notes presented to Wexford County Library by Old Wexford Society. Unpublished.

Lydon, J.F. 1972. The Lordship of Ireland in the Middle Ages. Gill and McMillan, Dublin.

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Twohig, D.C. I978. ‘Norman Ringwood Castles’ Bulletin of the Group for the Study of lrish Historical Settlement 5:7-9.

Forensic Program recommended readings:

Buikstra, J. E., & Ubelaker, D. H. 1994. Standards for Data Collection from Human Skeletal Remains. Fayetteville, Arkansas: Arkansas Archaeological Survey.

Byers, S. N. 2010. Introduction to forensic anthropology. Pearson Education, Boston.

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Ortner, D. J. 2003. Identification of pathological conditions in human skeletal remains (2nd ed). San Academic Press , Diego, CA.

Roberts, C. A., & Manchester, K. 2007. The archaeology of disease. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, N.Y.

White, T. D., & Folkens, P. A. 2005. The human bone manual. Elsevier Academic, Amsterdam ; Boston.

Institute of Archaeologists Ireland. 2006. Code of Conduct for the Treatment of Human Remains in the context of an archaeological excavation. Available online:

National Museum of Ireland: Policy on Human Remains. 2006. Available online: