Research Projects

Our marquee research and teaching program is at the Carrick site in Co. Wexford (see here for details). However, the IAFS welcomes academic collaboration from Ireland and overseas, both with community groups and academic institutions, at sites throughout the country. Collaboration projects have taken on many forms in the past including in the spheres of archaeology, architectural heritage, community heritage, archaeo-geophysical survey, 3D laser scanning etc.
These projects are generally non-commercial ventures, which are either undertaken in support of our host communities (as well as other communities on request) or in partnership with local bodies, societies and historians to answer a specific research agenda. We have also partnered with academic institutions in the past to facilitate and deliver key support at ‘stand-alone’ field schools.
Browse the below posts to get an impression of the work undertaken by us in cooperation with both international academic institutions and our local partners, or contact us for further information.