Winter Heritage Management / Cultural Resource Management Internship

Your Archaeology Experience next Winter

Our internships are aimed almost exclusively at IAFS alumni* who want to expend on their archaeological skills, learnt from previous IAFS programs (*note: we can make exceptions for the right individual). Our internships are based from our headquarters in Birr, County Offaly, which we use as launchpad to undertake fieldwork at several leading midlands heritage sites.
Internship tasks focus on site excavation, survey, architectural recording, archaeological and historical research, community archaeology, photogrammetry and post-excavation.
Students stay with local families in homestay accommodation, guaranteeing an enriching cultural immersion and truly memorable experience.
Our IAFS internship is designed to provide valuable experience working and learning from our research and education staff in the field and laboratory/office, thus ensuring a positive learning experience and providing on-the-job training.


Interns will gain experience in some or all of the following areas (note: excavation tasks tend to be more extensive on summer, rather than winter internships):
In the Field
  • Answering questions about the project’s research that are posed by site visitors
  • Excavating and recording archaeological features
  • Maintaining provenience control for cultural materials
  • Completion of site records, registers and other paper records
  • Drawing measured plan and section drawings
  • Recording stratigraphic profiles
  • Using a total station and/or other survey instruments
  • Photographing archaeological monuments and features
  • Photogrammetry of monuments, artefacts and architectural fragments
  • Architectural recording
  • Graveyard recording
  • Contributing to the public outreach of the project
  • Helping with site logistics
In the Laboratory/Office
  • Answering questions from visitors to the project about laboratory protocols
  • Processing archaeological artifacts and samples
  • Maintaining provenience control for cultural materials and associated records
  • Cleaning and assessing a variety of artifacts, including pottery, metal, etc
  • Cataloguing archaeological collections on the site database to National Museum of Ireland standards
  • Processing survey data (from photogrammetry, total station surveys etc)
  • Processing field data (for example for graveyard recording)
  • Historical and archaeological research
  • Assist in hosting public archaeology and educational events
  • Contribute to laboratory logistics
  • Contribute to best practice curation of the site
Education / Experience:
Advanced undergraduate or graduate course work in archaeology, anthropology, museum studies, or related fields is required. A minimum of four-weeks archaeological field experience, such as a field school, is also required.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and please also consult our Terms and Conditions.

Archaeology Internship Program Details

Course Dates: January 5th – March 1st, 2025 (6 or 8 weeks)
Tuition: 6 weeks €3750 / 8 weeks €5000 (additional weeks on request)
Location: Birr, Co Offaly, Ireland
Instructors: Dr Denis Shine, Dr Stephen MandalAssociated IAFS Staff
Scholarships: Scholarship support is available to IAFS alumni only through our ‘Alumni Scholarship Scheme’, please select on your application.
Credit: Internships can be accredited or unaccredited, to arrange for credit please contact us.
Includes: All meals, accommodation, instruction, tuition, equipment & field trips.
Application/Payment Deadline: *November 29th, 2024*
*A late application fee of €200 will apply after this date.
Email: for more information & also consult our Terms & Conditions.
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