15th November, 2023 – The New ‘Discovering Medieval Ferns’ Book Launch

The article covers the successful official launch of the ‘Discovering Medieval Ferns’ book in St Mogue’s Cottage, Ferns. Documented in the Enniscorthy Guardian by Sarah Murphy.

‘History and Archaeology of Ferns is Detailed in New Book’ by Sarah Murphy

Enniscorthy Guardian Irish Heritage School article about the official 'Discovering Medieval Ferns' book launch by Sarah Murphy

26 August, 2022 – Irish Archaeology Field School Survey Results – Seir Kieran

After the Heritage Week talks at Seir Kieran by experts in Irish archaeology: Article by Derek Fanning in the ‘Midlands Tribune’:

Experts reveal their findings after Seir Kieran surveys – Offaly Live (offalyexpress.ie)

5 April, 2022 – Geophysics at Seir Kieran & YT Videos – Community Project

Conservation works at Seir Kieran, Clareen in Co. Offaly are reported on in this article. We were happy to help the community by surveying the walls that are interestingly from varied periods and purposes.

Dr Ger Dowling (Irish Archaeologist and specialist) conducted the geo-physics here, and the graveyard survey is ongoing with Stephen Callaghan at the historical site of Seir Kieran. For more information, and a look at some of the results, see our YouTube channel for our ‘Heritage Week’ community lectures that were filmed by Crannog Media.

The ‘Midlands Tribune‘ article by Derek Fanning is available here at… Geophysical study being undertaken of important South Offaly historical site – Offaly Live (offalyexpress.ie)

Irish Archaeology Field School students helping take part in the graveyard survey in process at Seir Kieran for the community of Clareen. Burial Iconography, a focus of Stephen Callaghan's research presented to the community for Heritage Week at Seir Kieran in 2022. Irish archaeology experts share Seir Kieran survey results for Heritage Week 2022


3 August, 2021 – Irish Archaeology Field School Back Open – Carrig Project

Back on site at Ferrycarrig after a Covid-driven hiatus, a report by Simon Bourke on the Carrig Project in the Wexford People.

The full article is available here: Archaeological dig uncovers the Lost Town of Carrig  – Independent.ie


24 August, 2021 – Irish Archaeology Field School –  Ferns Project

The first season of Ferns excavations in 2021 is covered in this article in the Enniscorthy Guardian, by Brendan Keane.

The full article is available here: American students enjoy archaeological project in Ferns – Independent.ie

Student group with supervisor Dan O Meara at Ferns Excavation run by Irish Archaeology Field School Summer 2021 Ferns excavation cutting 2 2021 by IAFS

13 July, 2019 – Irish Archaeology Background to ‘Carrig Project’

Our own feature on the Carrig Project in the Irish Times by Patrick Freyne.
The full article is available here at https://www.irishtimes.com/…/what-did-the-normans-ever-do-for-us

10 July, 2019 – Carrig Project – On TV!

Our Carrig Project featured on Irish National TV! We feature on RTE One’s ‘Nationwide’ TV programme. Watch the awesome show here!


19th of June, 2019 – Carrig Project – On the Radio!

We are delighted to be getting so much press for the Carrig Project and Carrig 850 recently. This includes our interview (Dr Denis Shine) with Ivan Yates on Newstalk (Irish radio). If you want to ‘listen-back’ follow the link, select June 19th, the Hard Shoulder and forward to 2.43.30.

newstalk logo for Irish Archaeology Field School

21st of August, 2018 – Irish Archaeology Field School – Community Dig!

Thanks to Wexford People for featuring a piece on the community dig with the Irish National Heritage Park and Dig It Kids.

You can view the full article here!

Community Dig in INHP by Irish Archaeology Field School in Ferrycarrick


30th of January, 2018 – First ‘Carrig’ Irish Archaeology Field School!

This article (‘Digging Up Wexford’s Lost Town of Carrig’) in the newspaper ‘Wexford People’ features a two-page spread on our ‘Carrig’ Irish archaeology field school in the Irish National Heritage Park, with the Institute for Field Research (IFR).

“… the site will tell us what society and life was like 850 years ago…”


16th of January, 2018 – New ‘Carrig Project’ Field School

International Students Flock to Field School

We are getting great support from the local press here at our Ferrycarrick research excavation, check out the full article in the ‘New Ross Standard’.

Irish Archaeology Field School students Ferrycarrick excavation 2018