Grace Dennis-Toone – Ringwork Castle Interior Features

By February 25, 2019 April 17th, 2019 Student Research

Flinders University: Archaeology Department – MA (2019)

Grace Dennis-Toone from Flinders University, South Australia, is currently undertaking a study into the internal features of ringwork castles in Co. Wexford. The site of Carrick is being used a case study site within this research, as the first ringwork castle in Ireland as well (as well as a significant Anglo-Norman settlement thereafter). The IAFS, with Dr. Denis Shine supervising the project, is facilitating this research. The study aims to use geophysics, field surveys, excavation reports and historical sources to identify any recurring/ or key interior features found within ringwork castles. An additional aim for this project is to create a typology for the interior features of ringworks, which will assist in their identification in the field, and the identification of previously incorrectly classified sites.