Faculty Led

Building customised programs and unique itineraries:

The Irish Archaeology Field School, under the auspice of the Irish Heritage School (IHS: see here), has a long track record working with universities and faculty developing study abroad options relating to the unique cultural and natural heritage of Ireland. While our programs are typically two to four weeks in length they are tailor made to meet the individual demands of your institution so can be of any duration.

All our programs are:

  • custom built specific to your requirements to ensure students get to visit the most appropriate sites and organisations and gain access to leading experts and academics, which best complement their program of study;
  • have at their core a strong academic foundation, which is balanced by practical experiential learning in our fantastic ‘outdoor classroom’;
  • centered around local communities with whom we have long-standing and committed relationships
  • guaranteed to an provide engaging, welcoming and enriching cultural experience

We believe we are the best equipped organisation to provide customised heritage themed study abroad programs in Ireland as:

  • Our staff includes some of the foremost and experienced experts in the country from a variety of heritage sectors;
  • We only work with a small number of core committed communities in Co. Wexford and Co. Offaly, helping to create an immediate sense of belonging for incoming institutions;
  • Our host communities actively support our programs, frequently providing advice during program design – so you are guaranteed a warm welcome by a community that is eager to make your stay as enjoyable, productive and ‘homely’ as possible.
  • We are committed to, and passionate about, what we do! Our model is built on successful partnerships with faculty, Study Abroad Departments and your Irish hosts.

Faculty Led Service Learning Programs : Download PDF
Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs : Download PDF

Faculty Led Environmental Science Programs : Download PDF
Faculty Led Archaeology Programs : Download PDF


To date we have built custom programs for a number of institutions including:

  • Indiana State University, USA
  • Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, USA
  • Ithaca College, USA
  • SUNY Cortland, USA
  • University of North Dakota, USA
  • University of Maryland, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA
  • The Institute of Field Research, USA
  • Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Learn International, Ireland
  • Flinders University, Australia
  • La Trobe University, Australia

For further detail on the range of programs we have previously provided please see our parent company website.