Discovering Medieval Ferns Book Cover 2023

This Discovering Medieval Ferns blog series has been generously funded by the Rediscovering Ancient Connections – The Saints  (Ancient Connections) Project.

Ancient Connections is an ‘inter-reg’ cross-border arts and heritage project linking Pembrokeshire and  north Wexford, which strives to revive the ancient links between these communities, allowing them to rediscover their shared heritage and  trade knowledge, experience, and skills.

Ancient Connections have also funded a major academic volume, also entitled Discovering  Medieval Ferns, upon which this blog series is based. This volume, which includes fifteen papers from an interdisciplinary team of twenty+  scholars, aims to highlight the remarkable history and archaeology of medieval Ferns, focusing on intriguing discoveries from recent  excavations and research programmes. The volume, which is the most complete picture to date of the origins and evolution of medieval Ferns, published by Four Courts Press in 2023.