Dan has a BA (2000) in Archaeology and Celtic Civilisation from University College Cork. As a field archaeologist with over 20 years experience in commercial archaeology, he has been fortunate to travel extensively throughout South America, Asia, North Africa and Europe working on a range of sites and excavations along the way, as diverse as an Indus Valley settlement outside Alchi, Ladakh, the Roman ruins at Dougga, Tunisia, a pre Incan mortuary complex at Tilcara on the Bolivian/Argentinian border, and a WWII rifle range in Lerwich on the Shetland Islands. Between 2010 and 2018 he was part of a team excavating the vast Neolithic and Bronze Age complex at the Links of Noltland, Orkney, where he compiled a detailed photogrammetric survey of the site. His primary research interests are on the Coptic and Merovingian influences on Early Medieval cross-slabs in the south west of Ireland, monumentalism and funerary practice in Bronze Age Brittany, and using 3D modelling and photogrammetry not only to document cultural heritage, but also to bring archaeological sites and artefacts to a wider audience through virtual media. Outside of archaeology he runs a landscape photography business from his home in County Kerry, which provides workshops in astrophotography, aerial photography and macro photography for artefactual and osteological remains. His photos can be seen in various publications including Antiquity and Current Archaeology. Dan joined the Irish Archaeology Field School as excavations supervisor in 2021.