Book Publication

By July 30, 2019 January 4th, 2021 Carrig 850

We are incredibly proud to be launching our first book on Carrick – “Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold”. Edited by Denis Shine, Michael Potterton, Stephen Mandal and Catherine McLoughlin the edited volume features in excess of 20 contributors on Carrick and it’s medieval context. The book will be launched at a major international conference in October, to mark the 850th anniversary of the construction of Carrick (as one of a series of commemorative initiatives).

Those interested in getting a copy of the book can join our ‘interest list’ by emailing A very happy day for the IAFS and we just want to thank The Irish National Heritage Park and Wexford County Council for helping make this happen only a year after the project commenced! 

Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold – Section 1. Our new book features 12 main chapters in three sections. Section one can be considered historical ‘scene-setting’ and includes pieces by, among others, Niall and Billy Colfer on the coming of the Anglo-Normans to Wexford, Michael Potterton on William Marshal, Emmet Stafford on the archaeology of Wexford and Catherine McLoughlin and Denis Shine on the history of Carrick itself. The section changes from a wide focus to a more focused look at Wexford and Carrick as it progresses, just in time for Section 2, which is site specific.

Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold – Section 2. After our historical ‘scene-setting’ Section 2 is site specific and focused on much more recent research. Its includes pieces by: the IAFS team and some of the Carrick Committee, including Richard Reid and Richard Clutterbuck on the recent excavations; Fiona Beglane’s research on Carrick Deepark; geophysics and archaeological testing on the site of Carrick borough by Catherine McLoughlin and Ashely Green and digital preservation of Carrick by Michael ‘Bodhi’ Rogers and others. Primary investigators Denis Shine and Stephen Mandal co-author on a number of the chapters. While Section 2 focuses on the medieval history and archaeology of the site, Section 3 moves to the more modern period, looking at the importance of Carrick within the Irish National Heritage Park

Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s first Anglo-Norman stronghold – Section 3. This last section focuses on the later site history, from the Crimean Tower to the coming of the IAFS. Its includes pieces by: Stephen Mandal, Isabel Bennett and Derek O’ Brien on the tower; Christopher Hayes on The Irish National Heritage Park itself; Ran Boytner and many others on field schools and Carrick, and Ronan O’ Flaherty, Ian Doyle and Denis Shine on changing attitudes to the Anglo-Normans in Wexford. It is a lovely, and current, way to round out a great volume.