Dr. Dara Fleming-Farrell – Bioarchaeology

By February 23, 2019 January 4th, 2021 Student Research

Trinity College Dublin: Digital Arts and Humanities and Department of History – PhD (2016)

Dara Fleming-Farrell undertook a PhD with the Digital Arts and Humanities and Department of History, Trinity College Dublin. Her dissertation, the Application of Digital Technologies to the Study of Skeletal Trauma will look at alternative methodologies to traditional analysis for the recording of skeletal trauma.

Dara’s research included investigating recording methodologies for trauma and breakage patterns in archaeological assemblages, drawing on archaeological and forensic anthropological data to investigate the feasibility of developing a new methodological approach for non-contact analysis and interpretation of peri-mortem skeletal trauma, using cost-effective three-dimensional modelling techniques. Her research studied a number of assemblages, including from a previous IAFS project, the Blackfriary, using three-dimensional imaging to the study of evidence for interpersonal violence and warfare in the Blackfriary assemblage. Since graduating with her PhD Dara has been invited to join the IAFS as an instructor on their forensic programs (see here).