Ashely Green – Geophysics

By February 24, 2019 January 4th, 2021 Student Research

Bournemouth University: Department of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Forensic Science – PhD (2019)

Ashely Green undertook a PhD (due for completion June 2019) with the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology, and Forensic Science in Bournemouth University. Her dissertation included fieldwork – specifically geophysical survey – on several IAFS program sites mainly in the midlands of Ireland in the summer of 2017. Ashely’s research investigates the geophysical signatures of a range of burial types in both modern forensic and archaeological contexts. Using a range of both periods and burial types Ashely developed a knowledge of the geophysical signatures from high-resolution electromagnetic and electrical survey systems, creating software to enhance and/or automatically detect grave-like responses in geophysical datasets. Her research will improve the potential to detect inhumations during the pre-excavation stage of archaeological investigations.

Since working with IAFS on several graveyard sites Ashely has been regularly invited back to Ireland to collaborate on some of our community research programs (see here), resulting in a number of joint publications (see here).