Our Accommodation Options


There is a range of accommodation options available in the town of Wexford, which can be booked independently, to meet all budgets and requirements. For more information on accommodation in Wexford please visit Discover Ireland. The same is true of Birr in Offaly, please see Visit Offaly for more details.

Where students opt for accommodation as part of their tuition package, the IAFS will facilitate the accommodation booking with specified local providers (Homestay).

Where students opt out of home stay accommodation as part of their tuition package, there are a range of accommodation options available in the towns of Wexford and Birr, which can be booked independently, to meet all budgets and requirements.  Please note students not staying in homestay will be required to make their own way to the project/program each day.




The preferred accommodation of the IAFS is homestay, which is included as part of most of our program packages. We believe living with local families provides a more intimate and enriched cultural experience and ensures that the financial benefits of your stay filters down to the community hosting you.

We look forward to finding you a suitable home for your time with us have access to wonderful families in all our locations who do their utmost to ensure you have a wonderful experience. Students choose a homestay family if they like experiencing cultural differences, prefer getting to know local people and want to understand their way of life. In very many instances, lifelong friendships are created.

Our homestay is administered by a local homestay coordinator. They will place you in a home that is most suitable to your needs, matching you to your family based on a homestay form. Once you have been matched with a family you will be introduced to them by email, so that you will have the address you will be staying at while in Ireland, and so that you may, if you wish, contact the family in advance of arrival.

Homestay is for the program dates only. We do not offer extended homestay due to insurance issues. If you wish to extend your stay in Ireland outside of the program dates, you will be required to make your own accommodation arrangements.


Key Information:


  • Staying in homestay includes full board, breakfast, packed lunch and an evening meal.
  • Towels and linens are also provided as standard, and full access will be provided to a laundry in your homestay.
  • Students should allow that staying in homestay is very different to staying in a hostel or hotel. While we carefully match our students, and keep the placements as equitable as possible, students should expect that every home is different. Some students may have larger rooms, access to an en-suite, be closer to town etc.
  • Students should be advised that they are living with, and as part of, a family. While homestay is more rewarding than private accommodation students should always expect surprising cultural differences and be respectful to their host’s lifestyles.
  • The location of the Carrick archaeology site means that several of our homestay families are in rural locations in Wexford. This may mean a change to the lifestyle you are accustomed to at home, such as taking taxis to Wexford Town (at as cost of c. €20) or living a quieter lifestyle. Several other students will be in homestays close by, meaning transport costs around Wexford in evenings and weekends can be easily shared.
  • In Wexford the homestay hosts will provide transport daily to and from the project when it is active. You may also be able to avail of lifts at other times dependent on your hosts family lifestyle. However, they are under no obligation to provide lifts out of program hours. In Birr, Offaly, the homestays are within walking distance of the town centre.
  • It is absolutely essential you fill out your homestay form in full, including declaration of any relevant medical conditions (or medication) that may impact on your homestay/program placement.
  • Please make sure you let us know about any allergies or dietary needs when you apply so that we can match you to the best home.
A quote from one of our Homestay family hosts – Jane Jackman

“I have taken in students under a number of Archaeology Field School courses, the stays ranging from one week to one month, all being 18 years and older.

I cannot say what I thought initially this experience would bring but overall, it has brought great love, laughter and friendship into my home.

My children loved learning about the different cultures so it was educational for them. However, the buzz brought into the house was fantastic.

We have made friends for life and have even had some students return to visit us from both Australia and America, when we also met with their families - the social media friend list has got very big as a result.

The student homestay has enriched our lives and we find ourselves with extended "family" now all over the world.

I cannot recommend doing this more.”

Jane JackmanIAFS Homestay host in Wexford