The Irish Archaeology Field School provides a wide range of expert led research focused courses designed to introduce students to practical archaeological field methods, and to build and expand on knowledge and experience gained in the classroom.  Courses are ideal for students of anthropology, archaeology, history, medieval studies, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, Irish studies and community archaeology. Students may earn transferable university credits towards their undergraduate degree, through our academic partners at the Institute for Field Research.

If you are a student enrolled in a university in Ireland, please follow this link.

Credit Courses

For a university accredit course, apply to our program partners at thIFR logo 1e Institute for Field Research. Students will enrol in a program that gives the student a comprehensive orientation in archaeology and a professional work environment. Progress is measured with assessment, and successful students will receive transferable university credit, if required.

Unaccredited courses

These courses are offered on an experience only basis; suitable for students and graduates. Please note there are pre-requisites for some courses.

Specialist/Advanced courses Summer (May-August): Students may choose from one of two courses intended for students with previous archaeological field excavation experience, who wish to improve or expand on skills: Advance Methods in Field Archaeology :: Bioarchaeology.

Introduction courses Spring (Jan-Feb) and Summer (May-August): students may opt for the (summer) Introduction of Field Archaeology, or the (Spring) Research, Survey & Excavation course: The Medieval Landscape of the Black Friary. Both courses are suitable for students with no previous experience.

Intensive Archaeology course: This course includes the summer program courses: Introduction to Field Archaeology, Advanced Methods in Field Archaeology, Bioarchaeology. The six week intensive course gives students an immersive introduction to all aspects of archaeological investigation undertaken, from survey to excavation and recording.

Internships: This eight to 12 week program is intended for students who with to develop practical experience in a professional workplace environment. This program is offered through our partners at Learn International.

If you are not sure or wish to ask a question, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.