Research and teaching excavations at the Blackfriary, Trim, County Meath, Ireland, commenced in 2010.   The name ‘Black Friary’ comes from the Dominican friary established at this location in the 13th century, referring to the colour of the cloak which the Dominican friars traditionally wore.  The site of the excavations is now a six acre field of hummocky grassland.  The dig is slowly uncovering the ruins of the friary, which have laid buried since the monastery buildings were sold as a live quarry to service a 17th century building boom in the town.

The excavations are an integral part of the Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project (BCHAP), and the IAFS is working closely with its partners, Cultural Tourism Ireland and Dig it Kids, together with local authorities and the local community, to transform this site into a cherished amenity for the enjoyment of the townspeople and visitors.

Whilst the dig is the central focus of teaching and research, you will have the opportunity experience so much more during your time with us, as you can participate in a wide range of hands-on field trips in the incredible archaeological landscape of the Boyne Valley (our outdoor classroom) and farther afield.

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